Innovative GPS Tracking

LiGO® is an innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps managers understand what is really going on in their mobile operations.  LiGO® provides real time and historic location-based information and metrics to support the management of people and moving assets.  LiGO® can be viewed with any connected device, and can send operations reports and notifications via email; getting information to users in a format they understand.

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Professional Services

MarshallGIS provides comprehensive services to ensure efficient implementation and application of our software products. We also support our customers with highly skilled professional services to build a strong foundation of GIS and enterprise asset management.

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Feed Business Systems

LiGO® Web Services lets you consume LiGO® data in your mission critical business systems, like work and asset management systems or GIS.  Our web service lets you call data from LiGO® and do things like:

  • Show Vehicles on Any Operational Map
  • Create GIS Features Where Sweeper Brushes are “Down”
  • Create and Close Work Orders


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